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We insure full coverage of your shipments, providing competitive door-to-door pricing.

What we offer?

Understanding the limitations of standard carrier liability, Cross Connect goes above and beyond to ensure that your goods are comprehensively covered throughout the entire transportation process. Unlike many standard carriers whose liability coverage is often minimal and based solely on shipment weight, our approach is rooted in the recognition that your valuable goods need protection from the moment they leave your facility until they are safely returned to you. We acknowledge the significance of your shipment’s journey and the potential risks involved at every stage. Therefore, we offer a robust and competitive door-to-door insurance solution that takes into account the actual value of your goods. This means that you can have peace of mind, knowing that your assets are safeguarded against various unforeseen circumstances, be it during transit, storage, or handling. Our commitment to providing extensive insurance coverage reflects our dedication to the security and satisfaction of our clients. By choosing Cross Connect, you’re not just getting a transportation service; you’re gaining a trusted partner that prioritizes the safety and integrity of your valuable shipments throughout their entire logistical journey.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Understanding Standard Limitations
  • Tailored Insurance Solutions
  • Competitive Door-to-Door Insurance
  • Peace of Mind for Clients

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