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On-site & Official Show Supplier Services

We provide on-site event logistics support from start to finish.

What we offer?

Cross Connect prides itself on its extensive global reach, positioning us as a trusted leader in the industry. More often than not, we assume the crucial role of the official freight forwarder and customs broker entrusted by event management teams worldwide. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to being by your side throughout the entire event process. From the initial Move/Load-IN stages to the final Move/Load-OUT moments, our dedicated team is on-site, overseeing every logistical detail. We understand the significance of seamless coordination in the event industry, ensuring that your materials, equipment, and displays are transported securely and efficiently. Being present throughout the event’s duration allows us to address any unforeseen challenges promptly, guaranteeing a smooth flow of operations. This level of commitment translates to a partnership where we become an integral part of your team, handling the intricate logistics, and providing peace of mind. With Cross Connect, you not only get a service provider but a reliable ally, ensuring that your event logistics, from pick-up to final delivery at your booth/stand and return, are executed flawlessly. Our presence ensures that you can focus entirely on the success of your event, knowing that the logistics are in the capable hands of experienced professionals.


  • Global Presence and Trust
  • Comprehensive On-Site Support
  • Seamless Coordination
  • Integral Partnership
  • Focus on Event Success

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