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Hi, we are Cross Connect

We specialize in the entire logistics chain for trade shows and events. We ensure seamless and dedicated support from start to finish, all backed by our experienced team with over 100+ years of industry expertise.

Company Overview

Our company is a trusted leader in customs and logistics solutions tailored for trade shows and events. With a dedicated focus on ensuring the seamless movement of shipments, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services from start to finish. Our experienced team, boasting over 100 years of collective industry expertise, stands at the core of our success. Our deep knowledge and unwavering commitment enable us to provide unparalleled support to our clients, ensuring that their shipments are delivered on time every time. 

At Cross Connect, we understand the critical role logistics play in the success of global trade shows and events. That’s why we offer specialized services designed to meet the unique demands of the industry. Our comprehensive solutions encompass every aspect of customs and logistics, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for our clients. Whether you’re organizing an international trade show, conference, or exhibition, you can rely on our dedicated support and the wealth of knowledge our team brings to the table. Partner with us for your next event, and let our expertise pave the way for your success in the world of global trade shows and events.

Mission & Vision


At Cross Connect, our mission is to provide tailored customs and logistics solutions for our clients, optimizing their financial and operational performance in the North American market and beyond.


To be the trusted partner of choice for our clients, offering customized solutions that enhances our clients bottom line.

Core Values


We embrace innovation to develop cutting-edge customs and logistics solutions, staying ahead of industry trends to optimize global trade for our clients.


We maintain the highest integrity and transparency in all interactions, building trust and fostering enduring client relationships.


We excel in every service, ensuring seamless events and enhancing clients’ global competitiveness through precision and quality.


We collaborate closely with clients, partners, and team members to create customized solutions, foster creativity, and achieve mutual success in global trade events.


Danny Mekhuri
Managing Director

Amy Salick
Customs Brokerage & Compliance Director

Pat D’Alessandro
Business Development Director

Zaza Vili
Business Development Director

Sunny Salas
Finance Director

Remy Perrot 
Sales Vice President

Kendrick Jattan
Security Director

Beverly Carson
Customs Brokerage & Compliance Manager

Anthony D’Alessandro
Operations Manager

Marianne Uson

Magda Stoltman
Customs & Transportation Specialist

Bob Warnock
Customs & Immigration Specialist

Kyle Mekhuri
Customs & Transportation Specialist 

Shazer Llanera
Digital Marketing Officer

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